Troubleshooting Tips Can’t Reinstall Ie9

Sometimes your system may generate an error code saying that ie9 cannot be reinstalled. There can be several reasons for this problem.

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    If you uninstall Internet Explorer and don’t install it, Windows may encounter errors again. Some Windows programs and features depend on the Internet and explorer may cause errors if Internet Explorer is not installed.

    Some geeks prefer that the states remove Internet Explorer 11 completely from our computers. We prefer Firefox instead, as well as the Chromium-based web browser. Even though Explorer internet has been replaced by Microsoft Edge, the 1995 web browser still remains on your computer. Luckily, downloading Internet Explorer is easy 11.

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    Why can’t I install Internet Explorer?

    Make sure you have the minimum system requirements for your operating system and that you have installed the required components. Check if there are any other updates or pending reboots. They temporarily disable their own and anti-spyware anti-virus software. 1 try to install IE11.what que

    If the Internet prompts you to reinstall Explore for legitimate reasons, you can also follow all the steps below.

    Uninstall Internet Explorer 11. Press Windows Key + S and start typing “Manage Feature Suggestions” until “Manage Features Only” appears and click it.

    cannot reinstall ie9

    You will see a list of additional features that you and your family members can remove. Scroll down and findFinally, Internet Explorer 11. Click on it, then click Uninstall. there is nothing to see or indicate there, but after a few seconds, Internet Explorer 10 should disappear from the Beyond list.

    Reinstall Internet Explorer 11. But what happens when the day comes when you want to return Internet Explorer 11? You press the Windows+S item again and start typing next to “Manage advanced features” until you notice “Manage advanced features” and click on it.

    Why can’t I install IE 11?

    make sure the required updates are installed Internet Explorer requires an update before installation. Explorer internet Automatically tries to install 11 ordered programs and components. If this particular installation fails, the Internet Explorer installation process stops it.

    search at the top and click add feature.

    Scroll down until you see Internet Explorer 11 and click Install.

    Again, Internet Explorer 11 will be reinstalled in a matter of seconds, so the user can now restart it and Internet Explorer will be back.

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    Finally, those who replaced Media Windows Player can uninstall it, as I can tell you in the Managing Optional Attributes section.

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    AfterI got trying this, repairing internet explorer with no successThe problem is in the Temporary Internet Files folder.Sometimes the index.dat file can get corrupted. should you do ithappened to start deleting the index.dat file, you will also restart your computer. ThenYou can New to download files correctly. our Follow the stepsdelete them in the file below.

    1) Open Internet Explorer.
    2) Click “Tools”, select “Internet Options”
    3) on the “General” tab in the “Temporary Internet files” section, click “Delete”.Files
    4) Click “OK” when asked if you want to delete the files
    5) In the History area of ​​the General tab, click Clear History.Then click OK
    6) You close Explorer
    7) internet Log out of the current user. Log into another user account, so to speakAdministrator
    8) Click “Run”
    9) “Start”, Type CMD and press Enter to get an objective command line
    10) Change the directory to the Temporary Internet Files Directory website.Enter the following command, replacing the drive letter with a fixed one andwordsUsername with the correct user in Windows XP.

    11) Enter del index.dat andPress Enter
    12) Exit and press Enter to exit the command reload line
    13) You are a computer

    Once the computerrestarted, open the last web page with download link. Click “Try”and a link to download the file. Everything should work now.

    How do I reset IE9?

    Open Internet. Select explorer, Tools > Internet Options. Everyone selects the “Advanced” tabs. In the Reset Web Explorer Settings dialog box, select Reset. In the field Do you want to reset all settings Internet explorer option? reset.

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    Can you reinstall Internet Explorer?

    The first way to reinstall Internet Explorer is actually almost the exact opposite of what we just did. Go back to Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, Turn Windows features on or off, or ifand it appears, see the “Internet Explorer” section. Click OK and Internet Explorer can be reinstalled.

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    IE9를 다시 설치할 수 없습니다
    No Se Puede Reinstalar Ie9
    Kan Ie9 . Niet Opnieuw Installeren
    Impossible De Réinstaller Ie9
    Не могу переустановить Ie9
    Não é Possível Reinstalar O Ie9
    Impossibile Reinstallare Ie9
    Kan Inte Installera Om Ie9
    Nie Można Ponownie Zainstalować Ie9
    Ie9 Kann Nicht Neu Installiert Werden