Best Way To Fix Nissan Murano Trouble Code P0463

Over the past few weeks, some of our users have reported to us that they are experiencing nissan Murano trouble code p0463.

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    The P0463 software is triggered when your automatic transmission control module detects an inaccurate delivery level (pcm) reading from the fuel metering sensor. The fuel level sensor tells the PCM how much fuel is in the tank.

    P0463 is a moderately broad, more common Obdii trouble code that can appear on a Nissan Murano. It usually happens that the detected vehicle’s computer shows an inevitably inaccurate fuel level. This should not affectyour family’s trip to Murano, but can make it uncomfortable.

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  • Your Murano will receive a code P0463 when the fuel tank signals that there is more fuel than it was before.

    P0463 Symptoms: Nissan

    This Murano

    The error code indicates a problem with the fuel level readings in the tank. Most often, the only manifestation will be bad fuel, but there are exceptions. Most common symptoms P0463:

    • Incorrect display of fuel level
    • Fuel gauge shows that the tank is unfortunately full, although not all
    • Fuel level in the tank fluctuates
    • < li>Check engine light

    • Fuel off
    • Low fuel warning light

    Nissan Murano Causes With Code P0463

    How do I fix code P0463?

    Repair or replace the expansion tank.Repair or replace the float fuel level sensor.Repair or replace fuel level sensor harnessReplacing the wires of the fuel level sensor.Tightening a broken chain of the fuel level sensor in the network.

    A common error when diagnosing P0463 is to replace the entire fuel pump when the fuel level sensor needs to be replaced, either simply or replacing the fuel level sensor after a wiring problem.

    1.Fuel Level Sensor

    How do you reset the fuel gauge on a Nissan Murano?

    press and hold the Odo/Trip button. Turn the ignition key to this “on” position. Press and hold the “Odo/Trip” button for two long seconds. Release the “Odo/Trip” button in the software, then immediately press it again, release, press, release the device, press then and observe.

    Target fuel level sensor is one of the most common causes of P0463 error codes in DTCs.Equalities.


    great HOWSTUFFINMYCARWORKS video on (youtube) testing a specific fuel level sensor.

    2. Co Wiring


    Over time, access to and from a particular fuel pump can go wrong. A damaged short circuit or wiring harness can cause a bad fuel level signal, as well as the transmission elimination module.

    For you

    briefly inspect the wiring harness. Since the wiring harness is exposed to the vehicle and is at an incredible distance from the computer, it may be shorted or damaged.



    In the Murano gas tank you are using, the float should re-measure the amount of total fuel in it. He and floating is on the better side of the fuel. When they go down, it sends a signal to the fuel level sensor, which tells you exactly how much fuel you have left in the tank. If nothing works with this, you will get a P0463 along with the check engine light.

    4. Fuel Tank

    nissan murano error code p0463

    If the system is also corroded or needs to be repaired, this can lead tocode P0463.

    Diagnosis P0463: Nissan Murano

    The first thing you want to do is fix other problems with OBD-II scanner codes. Then clean them up and see if you can replicate the problems while driving the Murano. When driving, make sure that the fuel tank is in place or there are stains in it.

    with careful participation

    First, inspect the wiring harness. You don’t want to replace bulges, level sensors, or fuel level sensors without making sure the wiring harness to/from the sensor is also good. You’ll be looking for faulty wiring or a short circuit. Here is a great article that talks about it: How to Find Short (BackYardMechanic).

    nissan murano error code p0463

    If the wiring looks OK, you’ll need to test the sensor yourself. The above video clips on this page will help you.

    Output: P0463 Murano


    p0463 is difficult to determine due to the new location and wiring of the fuel level sensor. Good luck with your Nissan Murano diagnosis. If you really have something to add, feel free to leave a comment.

    P0463 Code Definition

    When the powertrain control module (PCM) receives an input from the gauge (or flatulence level sensor fuel) that is higher than the actual gasoline fuel level in the fuel tank, it will contain code P0463 and check engine light. will be further.

    What Does Code P0463 Mean

    The PCM uses low voltage input signals to determine the amount of fuel the aquarium is in. Typically, the maximum voltage reading is seven days volts, and any voltage reading above the normal range set by the manufacturer will result in a code P0463.

    What causes code P0463?

    Some of the more common PCM triggers to store the actual P0463 code are:

  • Problem in the fuel level sensor circuit.
  • Incorrect sustain level for sensor.float
  • Damage of the fuel level sensor in the reagent tank.
  • Damage or corrosion in the exhaust tank.
  • Problem with PCM (rare)
  • What are the symptoms of the global code P0463?

    When entering code P0463, the driver may experience many symptoms. These include:

  • Make sure the engine light is on
  • Voscillatory or inaccurate energy resources
  • The fuel warning light comes on and/or a low fuel warning appears
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