Tips For Recovering Open Gadget Files In Windows 8

You should check out these troubleshooting ideas when you get the “open Gadget File in Windows 8″ error message on your computer.

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    Yes! Press Win + Shift + G to show gadgets and switch between them. Use the Tab key to switch between gadgets, which are usually pinned to the sidebar. Open 8GadgetPack Tools if you want to try Win + G and replace the Game Bar hotkey.

    In Windows 8.1, Windows users not only got a brand new flat user interface, but also prepared the lost desktop gadgets that many people had in Windows 7. Desktops are handy apps like call, calendar, unit converter measurements, battery indicator, applications. Market, weather headlines, etc. If you miss those little desktop decorations, check out how to turn them into desktop gadgets in Windows 8.1 (back).

    You will need to install a service that will provide you with several desktop gadgets that are mostly identical but similar to those pre-installed in Windows 7. The program also allows the client to download third-party installers and gadget folders from a third-party sources website.


    Get Eight Gadgets For Your Windows Desktop

    How do I open a gadget file?

    The Windows Sidebar is the main tool for panning windows and working with GADGET files. Because GADGET files are compressed, you can also open and view them with any decompression software such as WinZip. Just change the music file extension to ZIP and open it with WinZip or WinRAR.

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  • 1. Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • 2. Open the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • 3. Select the devices you want to scan and restore

  • Go to to download the latest installer. Run it, that’s all, and you will see the details on your desktop.

    Don’t worry about the transparent sidebar you see, the sidebar is alsoIt is a gadget that allows you to keep laptop or computer gadgets in windows open or possibly full size. It can be uninstalled like any other PC gadget.

    Add gadget to desktop

    open gadget file in windows 8

    You can place a gadget on your desktop the same way you added it to Windows 7 by right-clicking the desktop and selecting Gadgets.

    Another window will open and you can select some classic Windows 8 gadgets.

    Each gadget has its own unique feature that you can access for the whole family by right-clicking it or selecting options.

    Installing and uninstalling third-party gadgets

    As mentioned, the best way to find free downloads and old .gadget files from third-party archives is to add them to Windows 8.1. If you have a common .gadget file that you like, just click on the .gadget file to use it. Installed as soon as it appears at the top of the desktop.

    If you are investing in third party sources, install files only from trusted sources to avoidStop installing malware on your computer.

    open gadget file in windows 8

    To remove a gadget, simply open the list of templates, right-click on the gadget and select Delete.

    In Windows 8, Microsoft is phasing out desktop gadgets. Instead, they want programmers to write Metro-style apps that can even be pinned as a gadget to the right side of the computer. Of course, if you use Happy Gadgets everywhere in Windows 7, you can also create them in Windows 8 and the program works very well.

    Note. Microsoft has removed all gadgets from Windows 8.1 in addition to Windows 10. If you want to restore gadgets, you’ll need to purchase a third-party tool to install them. What we especially recommend is 8GadgetPack. It is free from computer viruses, malware and spyware. An option that is sometimes better than gadgets is Rainmeter.

    Unfortunately, the Microsoft Policeman Gadget Gallery for Windows no longer exists. By default there are 8 built-in gizmos with 8:

    These gadgets are Calendar, Clock, CPU Counter, Currency, Stream Headers, Picture Puzzle, Show, Slide and Weather. If you need more gadgets, you can also search, download, and download them online, but they may contain malware or spyware, so be careful.

    How do I use gadgets in Windows 8?

    To install a desktop gadget on Windows 8 only, first open the Control Panel, then click Desktop Gadgets. Then simply right-click on the desired gadget and select Add. Basically, Windows 8 moves the app to the left to deal with the Metro app not working.

    To install Desktop Gadgets in Windows 8, first open the Control Panel and then click Desktop Gadgets.

    Then right-click on the desired gadget and select “Add”.

    Your precious gadget will appear, with the right side of the screen looking just like it did in Windows 7:

    For those of you who have been using Windows 8 for a while, you might be wondering what happens if you place the Metro mobile app on the right side of the touchscreen and also install the Golf widget? Here’s what it will look like:

    How do I download gadgets for Windows 8?

    Get Windows 8 Desktop Gadgets Visit the marketplace at to download the latest technology. Run it and you will find gadgets on your computer.

    Essentially, in Windows 8, the widget reverts to the left side of the broken Metro app. I thought it might mess something up and not show gadgets or do something else, but luckily they thought it was related and you can see more than one at the same time. Assuming you have an incredible resolution monitor and you actually have some extra storage, you can use multiple gadgets and stream Metro to apps on your desktop without any functionality issues. Good luck!

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