An Easy Way To Fix RDP Termdd Protocol Errors

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    Over the past few weeks, some of our users have reported to us that they have experienced an RDP termdd protocol error.

    Information about By event Microsoft: “This complication can occur when the certificate is still corrupted by the terminal on the server.” Get access to a terminal server if you like. If you purchased Server Terminal Services to migrate a client to a Terminal Server, you may receive one of the following error messages.
    Due to a security health error, the client was unable to connect to the terminal server for assistance. After making sure you are connected to the current network, try connecting to the server again.
    Remote desktop turned off the table. Currently, the client cannot connect to remote computers due to security errors. Make sure you are connected to the network, then try to reconnect or.and this target ID is saved with others (click on the events link to learn more).
    REASON:This issue may occur if the certificate on the terminal server is corrupted.

    For many more tips and information about solutions, visit the following link to the Microsoft article.

    FailureNickname for all 50 events. Source Identifier TermDD

    Symptoms: specific person. Windows event contains log error
    Event Source: Displayed:
    Event type: TermDD
    Identifier 50
    Description: Events: RDP protocol suffix “DATA ENCRYPTION” encountered an errorin your log stream and offline, you know, the client.
    2. The Terminal Services employee may also receive the correct error message.when trying to connect: the terminal server usually aborted the connection.
    3. A certain client was unable to connect to the terminal due to a security errorservers.
    4. Remote Desktop is disabled. Due to a security error, the programFailed to remote connect computer or laptop.
    5.The connection was lost by the network due to an error.1:

    The TermDD case has been corrupted. Scan
    ExportSolution: from a working computer.2:

    Fall To solve this native problem, follow these
    1: steps. Run regedit.
    2. Locate Then and click the required registry subkey:
    3. Under the subkey type, delete the following values ​​from the registry:Certificate
    o Certificate X509
    o Certificate ID X509
    4. Exit the editor registry / and / or restart the server.
    Case 3. You: You can remove the RDP-TCP listener as follows repeatthese and methods:
    1. Run TSCC.MSC and remove the RDP-tcp listener.
    2. Restart.
    3. You return to TSCC and msc creates a new working listener.

    Case up to 4. Updating the network card reader settings will solve the problem.

    Case 5: This is probably a FIPS encryption problem, disable it by changing it.aspectafter setting the encryption in the RDP-TCP Properties chat window, followthese steps:
    1. Click Start, click type Run, tscc.msc in the Open box, then just click OK.
    2.Click Connections, then double-click RDP-Tcp in the right pane.
    3. In the Encryption level section, click Prevail to select a different level of encrypted protection.FIPS compliant.

    Note. If the level setting is enabled, encrypt when you try to change it,system-wide setting for system cryptography: use FIPS-compliantencryptedfiles, signature hashing algorithms and have been equipped, and youyou must disable this system-wide setting using method 2.

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