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    Pirate Bay Sank With Captains On Board

    The Pirate Bay is the most famous file sharing site in the world. Today, four of its owners were sentenced to one year in prison each.

    A Swedish judge jailed four people, Frederik Ney, Gottfried Svartholm Varg, Lundström Carl and therefore Peter Sunde, under historical circumstances after they were found guilty of most copyright infringements.

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  • The most disturbing file sharing service in the world. The Pirate Bay was created in 2003 by the copyright organization Piratbyran. However, for several years it was used for private individuals.

    The site downloads millions of days worth of files, including movies and TV shows. However, The Pirate Bay servers do not host any copyrighted wood. Instead, the site hosts “torrent” links to TV shows, movies, and even music files that are stored on each consumer’s computer and are “public” /p>

    The couple was also ordered to pay $4.5m (£3m) in damagesas compensation for damages. Of course, music and film companies welcomed the verdict, only men are now sure – to immediately appeal and refuse to pay the fine.

    Speaking at an online conference, Peter Sunde called the verdict “strange”.

    “To be found guilty and sentenced to prison is great. It’s really important. It’s a little weird,” commented Sunde.

    “It’s so strange that we were all condemned, but even more strange that we were condemned as a team. The court said that we are organized. I can’t get Gottfried out of bed or out of the cradle in the morning. If you want to judge us, judge us for hooliganism.

    “We can’t pay and don’t earn anything. Even if I had special money, I’d rather burn everyone I have and sometimes wouldn’t give them the ashes.”

    tvants troubleshoot

    Losses were awarded to several entertainment companies including Warner Bros, Sony Music Entertainment, EMI and Pictures in the Philippines, but as you can see, $17 was not enough. Experts announced damages in the amount of 5 million.

    In a conversation with the BBC, John (ifpi) Kennedy, CEO of the InternationalPeople’s Federation of the Phonographic Industry, said the decision was a clear signal.

    “These guys weren’t and deserved the principle they stand for by lining their pockets. There was nothing laudable in their actions, it was reprehensible.

    “Pirate Cove will cause massive damage and the compensation offered doesn’t even match the salary, but we never claimed to have worked as cooks.”

    “There was a perception that a lot of piracy was okay and the beloved music industry should just admit it. This verdict will change that,” he said.

    The four men denied all kinds of allegations throughout the trial and said they didn’t create anything fake because they didn’t host or host any files.

    In a speech on Swedish Radio, Administrative Law Judge Clarius explained how the constitution came to this conclusion.

    “The court first tried to determine whether copyright infringement was contested by this file-sharing application and whether such infringement was found to have occurred.


    “The court then moved on to consider those who acted as a young team to manage the Pirate Bay solutions and file sharing, and the court concluded that they were aware of this material, which appears to be copyrighted, but continued manage the service,” he said.

    Karl Lundström’s criminal defense lawyer, Per Samuelson, told reporters that he was shocked by the guilty verdict and the severity of the sentence.

    “This is outrageous from my personal point of view. Of course, we will appeal,” he said, quoted by the Reuters news agency. , not the previous one. The last will is no longer ours.”

    Rikard Falkvinge, leader of the Privateer Party, which is trying to reform copyright and patent policy in the digital age, told the BBC the decision was “grossly unfair”.


    “It wasn’t a criminal trial, it could have been a political trial. Without a doubt, it’s indescribable that users can jail four people for infrastructure.

    “There’s a lot of craziness in Sweden right now, isn’t there? File berbagi This institution is here, and if I can’t encourage people to infringe copyrights, I’m not needed there. And I do not agree to insist on this. on it.

    tvants troubleshoot

    “Today’s events make file sharing a highly political issue that we will be raising in the European Parliament.”

    Stand like this, but not outside. The website itself is still up, but it probably won’t be soon.

    However, media companies fix only the smallest leak of torrent recordings of hand-made parts that cannot be completed. The sooner they change their policies and ride the wave of rethinking, the better for North America.

    Get better performance from your computer - download the software to fix your PC today.

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